Black Friday Crowlers

Preorder draft varieties of some of our vintage Black Friday beer in crowlers as well as bottles of the Black Friday V, aged in barrels since February of 2015!

Click the button below to head to our Black Friday Crowler menu. Choose a day and pick up time first, on one of the following days:
Sunday, November 22nd from 11am to 5pm
Monday, November 23rd from 4pm to 9pm
Tuesday, November 24th from 4pm to 9pm
Wednesday, November 25th from 4PM to 9PM

Choose from the following crowler varieties (while supplies last):
2017 Black Friday Imperial Stout | $25
2017 XXX Black Friday Vintage Reserve | $30

2018 Black Friday Imperial Stout | $25
2018 XXX Black Friday Vintage Reserve | $30

Extremely limited quantities of the 750mL bottle of our Black Friday V are also available for $100.

Pickup times are limited to 15 orders per 15 minutes. We ask that people wear masks and keep a 6-foot distance from others when picking up orders.