Graze & Gobble Box

Our Thanksgiving Graze and Gobble Box is back for your snack, swig, spread, slice, and savor needs.

Our Executive Chef and her team have hand-selected a box full of delectable munchies including crackers, fruits, spreads, dips, meats, and cheeses to impress your friends and family over the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s something in the box for everyone, a perfect sharable appetizer, and it’s paired with 6 of our beers!

Enjoy 18 locally-sourced snacks that pair with a mixed 6-pack of our award-winning brews. (including our 35th Anniversary beer!)
$60 (while supplies last)
Feeds 4-6
Some of the snacks and their paired beer are listed below:

Deviled Egg Dip
The clean bitterness in an IPA has a crispness that cuts through the creamy rich texture of deviled egg dip.
Pairs with Lakefront IPA

Greek Tomato Salad
The sweetness and carbonation of our refreshing pilsner cleanses your palate from the tangy vinegar and acid in the green tomato salad.
Pairs with New Grist Gluten-Free Pilsner

Beer Bread
The sweet flavor of the bread brings out the biscuity sweetness in our honey brown ale.
Pairs with Bumble Bear Honey Brown Ale

Red Grapes
The bright lime and salt flavors in our margarita-style ale amplify the sweet burst in red grapes.
Pairs with La Gosa Rita Margarita Ale

Dried Apricots
The concentrated sweet flavor of the dried apricots complements the dark chocolatey flavors of our dark lager.
Pairs with Eastside Dark Lager

Parmesan Cheese
Our strong malty dopplebock pairs well with a nutty smooth parmesan.
Pairs with 35th Anniversary Doppelbock

To order, click the button below, on the next menu do the following:
1. Choose the date of Wednesday, November 23rd.
2. Select a pick-up time for your Grazing Box. (3PM to 8:45PM)
3. Select “Grazing Box” from the menu and continue towards checkout.
4. Feel free to include additional Food and Beer from the Daily Dining menu in your order.
*The Grazing Box will close sales on Monday, November 21st at 12AM.
*Click HERE for a full list of edible items.
*No items in the grazing box contain nuts.
*No substitutions.