Ripple Effect Crowler Donation for Groundwork Milwaukee

September 1 - October 31, 2023
Lakefront Brewery Beer Hall

We are excited to be launching a brand new donation program at Lakefront Brewery called the Ripple Effect. Everyone always asks why we’re named Lakefront Brewery when we’re located on the Milwaukee River. That’s because we acknowledge and celebrate the ripple effect. Located right on the riverfront, we see the water that flows and connects us, rippling into Lake Michigan, the jewel of Milwaukee. Far more interconnected than we are separated, we believe local actions can make big waves of changes for global good.

We’ve launched our first Ripple Effect Crowler Donation Drive for Groundwork Milwaukee!

“We decided to partner with Groundwork Milwaukee because they’re a local organization that creates green spaces through community partnerships,” says Liz Mauritz, Ripple Effect Program Lead. “They work to transform brownfields into community spaces and with Lakefront Brewery being situated on a remediated brownfield, this work is close to our hearts. Groundwork educates, trains and empowers the community protecting urban waters through rainwater harvesting structures, green infrastructure, and habitat restoration. They also recently released a Milwaukee Flood-Health Vulnerability Assessment and spent the last year developing and installing green solutions in areas which are vulnerable to flood and extreme heat.”

Choose one of our 18 beers on tap and fill a 32 oz. Groundwork Milwaukee Crowler with one of our tasty brews. The Crowler will cost an additional $5 which Lakefront Brewery will match for a $10 donation to Groundwork Milwaukee. These can be ordered in person or online ahead of time by clicking HERE.
(When ordering online, select your desired beer crowler and choose the “GROUNDWORK Crowler” buy-up option.)

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