Hop House Experience

About Our Hop Houses

The Hop Houses at Lakefront Brewery are very sturdy greenhouses that will be repurposed to grow vegetables and herbs for our kitchen in the warmer months. Each Hop House is outfitted with a 1500-watt electric heater as well as a 3/4″ wood floor with a rug to keep everyone’s feet comfortable. All houses are fully decorated to set the mood, including a clean tablecloth twinkle lights, and cozy decor. Safely relax and enjoy high quality craft beer and food with those you love along the Milwaukee River with a breathtaking view of Downtown. We designed our greenhouses with customer safety in mind by providing contactless payment and ordering, as well as each house being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use. The sliding door will be open during cleaning for proper air flow. Vents on the ceiling of each Hop House can be utilized depending on the temperature.

Private patio dining – Lakefront Brewery style.

Reservation Fees, Minimums, and Cancellation

Each reservation is 90 minutes. If arriving late, we cannot accommodate extra time in your Hop House. We have three Hop Houses that can fit up to 6 people, and two Hop Houses that can fit up to 8 people. Prices remain the same for any number in your party up to the maximum. We cannot allow more than the maximum allowed in your Hop House.

When booking, a rental fee is required by credit card. Additionally, a food and beverage minimum is also included in your reservation. The rental fee is not included in your minimum. The fees and minimums are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday
6-Person Hop House | $30 Fee + $100 Minimum
8-Person Hop House | $50 Fee + $150 Minimum

Friday and Saturday
6-Person Hop House | $50 Fee + $100 Minimum
8-Person Hop House | $75 Fee + $150 Minimum

*Starting in April, Hop Houses on a Monday through Thursday will become walk-up only on a first come, first served basis. All reservations already made will still be honored and given preference if already booked on a weekday in April. Reservations on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday still need to be made ahead of time.

Cancellation Policy
A full refund of the rental fee will be given if cancelled at least 2 weeks ahead of time. A half refund will be given if cancelled between 1 and 2 weeks from your reservation. No refund will be given if cancelled less than 1 week from your reservation.
*All preordered food and drink will be refunded in full unless cancelled within 48 hours. On that short of notice, preordered food and drink packages are subject to partial or no refunds.

Food and Beverage

Our Chef designed a preorder menu exclusively for your extraordinary dining experience in our Hop Houses. All food and drink packages serve 4-6 people and must be preordered during the booking process. Any preordered food and drink WILL go towards your food and beverage minimum. Preordered menu items are not required as our in-house dining and drink menu will also be available to order from via QR code in your Hop House (tips not included towards the minimum).
*Ordering from the QR Code is the only way to tip our hardworking staff during the Hop House experience, any gratuity is very appreciated.
*We recommend groups using the 8-person Hop Houses utilize the pre-order menu to help expedite your meal within your reservation.


– No smoking or vaping.
– Outside food and beverage cannot be brought in.
– Must be 21 to consume alcohol, or at least 18 with a legal guardian present.
– Mask guidelines must be followed.
– No pets are allowed.
– Music is allowed at a reasonable volume that will not affect the experience of those in the Hop Houses next to you.
– Food orders must be placed within the first 45 minutes of your reservation time.
– You will be held responsible for any damage to the Hop House or items within, each house will be inspected after each use.


Click the green button above for the 6 person or 8 person Hop Houses to book them through ETix, this is where you can choose a date, time, and any preordered food and drink packages.

Guests will need to walk up the main entrance ramp in the front of the building to the host stand. We recommend arriving a minimum of 10 minutes early with your ENTIRE party to maximize your experience and give everyone a chance to use the restrooms before going to your Hop House (however, please know that we cannot seat your group earlier than the scheduled start time). From the host stand, your party will be escorted down to your Hop House.

In the event that a Hop House reservation time is available day of, we can seat a group that accommodates the size of the available house. Most items from our preorder Food/Drink package menu will not be available, but you can still order from our Dine-In Menu via QR code. No rental fee required, you’ll just have to meet the minimum food & drink spend. Feel free to call us at 414-372-8800 to see if any time slots over the upcoming 48-hour time period are available to book.

The Hop Houses can be rented for 90 minutes. If you arrive late, you will not be able to extend the time of your reservation.

If you don’t reach the minimum, we will provide a physical gift card for the amount remaining to be used next time you visit us. You can also reach your minimum by purchasing beer TO GO!

Unfortunately no, any preordered food and drink package must be ordered ahead during the booking process. With enough notice, we may be able to add items to your reservation, call us at 414-292-0808 to see if we can accommodate. Regardless, our normal dine-in food/drink menu as well as select family-style items will be available to order by QR code from your Hop House. Preorder packages are not required to book.

While most everything can be ordered through a QR code, we will provide a phone number in the case that you need extra assistance from our staff. We hope our Hop Houses are as contactless as possible so we won’t be bothering you very often, if at all.

There are two sizes. Hop House 1, 2, and 4 measure 9’ by 9.5’ and can fit up to 6 people with cushioned chairs and a 36” by 72” table. Hop House 3 and 5 measure 9’ by 12’, can fit up to 8 people with cushioned chairs and a 36” by 108” table.

If there are storm warnings or advisories not to travel, be outside, or if we feel the weather is too dangerous for our guests or staff, we may need to cancel your reservation. You will be contacted from the email or phone number left on the reservation as soon as the call is made to cancel. There will be no cancellation fees assessed for bad weather or government shutdown.

Each Hop House is a real greenhouse with sturdy polycarbonate panels to keep the heat in and wind out. Each house has a wood floor and rug to keep your feet off the cement. Each unit also has a 1500-watt electric heater to take the edge off the winter cold. We also recommend that everyone still bring your jackets, hats, gloves, blankets, and anything else to ensure that you remain comfortable. Each Hop House also has four vents on the ceiling that can be opened if it gets too hot inside.

Whether you reserved the 6-Person or 8-Person Hop House, you are allowed up to that many people in your reservation, any less will not change the price but you are allowed to have as few people in your reservation as you’d like. Want a night alone? Go for it.

Music is allowed only if played a reasonable volume that wouldn’t disrupt the experience of those in the Hop Houses next to yours.

Outside of our preordered drink packages, we have 18 taps of Lakefront Brewery beer as well as cans, bottles, 3 varieties of wine, coke products, and bottles of our Golden Maple Root Beer. If interested in cocktails, make sure to take full advantage of our preordered drink packages.

With our QR code ordering system, all food and drink will be paid for as you go. Tipping can occur with each payment as well. Since this will be the only way to tip (besides leaving cash), we highly recommend doing so for our hardworking staff!