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Brewers’ Reserve Tropical Ale Tropical Ale

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The eighth in the series, these Brewers’ Reserve varieties allow our brewhouse wizards to experiment with niche barrel-aged beer styles and package limited runs for your enjoyment. Last year, they crafted a strong oatwine ale base and loaded it with tropical ingredients: pineapple juice, banana juice, and cocoa powder. Then they let it chill in rum barrels for ten months where it caught waves of punchy rum oak tannins, and amped the abv up to a righteous 13%! Expect leveled notes of dried tropical fruits, chocolate toffee, and coconut, with a pleasantly dry finish.

Available exclusively at our Beer Hall. Tap the button below to place or schedule an order for pick up during business hours.

Sales open for scheduled pick up at 9am on Friday, April 12th through the link below.
(available at the bar when we open at 11)

Click the link below to visit our online ordering page. Single 12oz. cans are available for $4 with no limit.

Only At Lakefront

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