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Limited Release

My Turn: AJ Dunkelweizen

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AJ, Lakefront Sales Representative, brewed this Dunkelweizen. Pours hazy dark brown with roasted malt and toasted wheat flavor, and weizen yeast aromas of fresh-baked banana bread.

13° Plato
Dark Brown

About the Brew

About the Brewer:
This beer was brewed by AJ, Sales Rep. here at Lakefront. With his burly beard and ballcap, AJ descends from his Great Northern territory, like the fur traders of yore, to resupply on beer samples and branded merch. Then, he treks back to spread the word of Lakefront to every bar, liquor store and supermarket.
When AJ’s not pushing Lakefront’s latest liquid, he’s probably outside—with the help of his goats, pigs and chickens—watering, weeding, pruning and all-around cultivating his huge garden. At the end of the season, he’ll have a venerable produce aisle canned up and ready to eat all winter long. Talk about self-sufficient, eh?

About the Beer:
AJ’s partial to German beers. A fan the country’s dark lagers and wheat ales. With its ample Munich, Vienna and dark-roasted chocolate wheat malt, this Dunkelweizen fits snugly in the middle of that Venn diagram. It’ll fit snuggly into AJ’s beer koozie after a day’s work tending his huge garden, too.
The key to brewing a good German-style beer is balance. Here, it’s the balance between fruit-and-spice yeast notes and roasted wheat malt. This deep brown, slightly hazy ale showcases just that with aromas of fresh-baked banana bread crust and flavors of dark caramel, whole grain toast and a hint of clove.