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Limited Release

My Turn: Chopper Munich-Style Dunkel

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Brewed by Chopper, Lakefront’s Controller. Using a blend of four specialty grains, hints of roasted malts find their way into the aroma and form a pleasant background to the dark, rich flavor.

13 °Plato
Dark Brown

About the Brew

    About the Brewer:

This beer was brewed by Chopper, Controller here at Lakefront. Chopper’s job involves making sure the Brewery posts quality numbers. Whether it’s cashflow in and out, keeping inventory accurate, or knowing who to invoice and for how much, Chopper ensures all the numbers on the business end square up.

Once he’s through auditing inventory for the week, Chopper likes to hit the links and square up behind a golf ball. Just like there’s more than one way to calculate cost-benefit, there’s more than one way to make par, which is probably a good use of his analytical creativity. Fore!

    About the Beer:

Chopper found inspiration while trying different dark European lagers, and landing on a straight up, true-to-style Munich Dunkel as his favorite. He also wanted something refreshing after a round of golf; not that there’s much golf going on when his beer drops, but we’re sure he’s stashed some in his cellar for spring.

Heaps of Munich malt went into this Munich Dunkel, with the emphasis on toastiness over roastiness. All that Munich malt lends complex layers of malty flavor, without an overly-heavy body. Expect an easy-drinking, deep copper-hued brew with robust flavors of toasted nuts and fresh-baked bread crusts with some toffee-like sweetness.