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Limited Release

My Turn: Huber Dark Cherry Lager

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Brewed by Huber, Lakefront’s Sales Manager, this Dark Lager with Cherries combines three German specialty malts into a robust brew with bright and sweet notes of cherries.

Dark Brown

About the Brew

    About the Brewer:

This beer was brewed by John Huber, Sales Manager here at Lakefront. Huber sets up the boots-on-the-ground strategy, then makes sure our sales reps and beer wholesalers work from the same playbook. Beyond a good manager, he’s always willing to step in, get his hands dirty, and help out his juniors with whatever they need.

When he’s built the day’s last sales deck, and covered the last promo, Huber loads up the car with his kids and their various sports gear: soccer balls and boots, baseball bats and cleats. Then, they stop calling him “Dad” and start calling him “Coach.” Good to know he’s an equitable leader both on and off the clock.

    About the Beer:

John Huber wanted to take advantage of the late summer cherry harvest and bring together his favorite fruit and caramelly, dark-roasted malt in this Dark Cherry Lager. “They make a great pairing,” as he says, “like peanut butter and chocolate.” No argument there, Huber!

Take advantage of this flavor combo, too. Expect fairly complex aromas of ripe cherries, toasted almonds and caramel malt from this deep brown, amber-hued brew. The flavorful layers of roasted and caramelized malt sweetness counter a subtle cherry tartness, reminiscent of a cocoa-dusted chocolate covered cherry.