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My Turn: Yovani Jamaican-Style Lager

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Yovani, Canning Room Operator here at Lakefront brewed this beer. This clean, straightforward, Jamaican Style Lager has a subtle honeyed Pilsner malt flavor with a hint of noble German hops and a crisp finish.


About the Brew

About the Brewer:
This beer was brewed by Yovani, Canning Room Operator here at Lakefront. Yovani’s job involves setting up the filler and crowner—bright and early—before the day’s canning run, making sure cans and boxes get printed with the correct “best by” date and cleaning and sanitizing all the machines at the end of the day.

With the last can off the line and the final filler head squeaky clean, Yovani keep his energy up with a workout, a bike ride and his favorite tunes. When he’s really ready to relax, he fires up his Xbox and finds a spot on the couch with his cat, Layla, ready to cozy up on his lap.

About the Beer:
Some guys will say, “I remember my first beer!” sarcastically, usually yelled at a passerby who may’ve bumped into their friend at a sporting, or drinking-adjacent event. Well, buddy, Yovani truly remembers his first beer: a certain red-on-white label beer from the Caribbean. Wanting to share where his own beer journey started, Yovani brewed this Jamaican-Style Lager.

This dazzling, straw-gold lager started its own beer journey with a substantial Pilsner malt base and German Hallertauer hops. Expect a straightforward brew with subtle, honeyed Pilsner malt flavor balanced by herbal hints of German hops and a crisp, clean lager finish.