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Limited Release

My Turn: Ryan Imperial Porter with Coffee and Coconut

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Lakefront’s Brewing Tech, Ryan, made this Imperial Porter with Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee and Coconut. Coffee, dark brown sugar, and nutty, toasted coconut join together over a complex chocolatey and caramelly base.

20 °Plato
Dark Brown

About the Brew

About the Brewer:
This Imperial Porter was brewed by Ryan, our Lead Brewer. If Head Brewer is the chef, then Ryan is the brewhouse sous chef. As such, Ryan coordinates the day’s brewing schedule, makes sure to have all the right ingredients close at hand and seize the reins anywhere it’s needed to keep beer moving down the line. Just don’t ask him for minced garlic.

When he’s not trying to prevent a catastrophic stuck mash, Ryan lives for travel; taking excursions, along with his lovely wife, to new destinations with challenging hikes and breathtaking scenery. After working up an appetite hiking, they’ll seek out some local cuisine together, usually sitting on the same side of the booth (they know it’s weird; they don’t care).

About the Beer:
Ryan said this Imperial Porter with Coffee and Coconut came out of a trek to his favorite island, Maui, where he found his favorite beer, an island-brewed coconut porter. Packed with malts grown and kilned in his home state of North Dakota and adding Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee to the mix, Ryan took inspiration and ran with it.

Expect this ramped-up, Midwestern take on a Maui favorite to pour up deep brown and settle out with a fine, mocha-colored foam. Complex roasted- and chocolate-malt aromas backed by notes of black coffee and nutty, toasted coconut give way to a caramelly, chocolatey full-bodied brew.